Gabrielle Roth: Putovanje do ekstaze

Gabrielle Roth: Iznoji svoje molite

Gabrielle Roth: Connections

Daria Halprin: The Expressove Body in Life, Art and Therapy

Daria Halprin: Returnning to health with dance, movement and imagery

Anna Halprin: Moving Toward Life

Anna Halprin: Movement Ritual

Ana Maletić: Pokret i ples

Joan Chodrow: Jung on Active Imagination

Joan Chodrow: Dance therapy ąnd depth psychology (The moving imagination)

Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan: Movement Medicine

S. Chaiklin and H. Wengrower: The Art and Science of Dance/Movement Therapy (Life is dance)

Linda Hartley: Wisdom of the Body Moving

Fran J. Levy: Dance and other Expressive Art Therapeis

Barbara Ehrenreich: Dancing in the streets (A History of Collective Joy)

Carol-Lynne Moore and Kaoru Yamamoto: Beyond Words (Movement Observation and Analysis)




Daniel N Stern: The present moment in psychotherapy and every day life

Daniel N Stern: The interpersonal world of infant

Marina Ajduković: Grupni pristup u psihosocijalnom radu

Sheldon Cashdan: Object Relation Therapy (Using therelationship)

Donald L. Nathanson: The many faces of shame

Thomas H. Ogden: Projective identification and psychotherapeutic technique

Irvin D. Yalom: The gift of Therapy

Irvin D. Yalom: Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy

Joseph Zinker: Creative Process in Gestalt Therapy

Aleksandar Loven: Radost

Aleksandra Loven: Ljubav, seks i vaše srce